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Our View on the Current Market Conditions

Our View on the Current Market Conditions

19 September 2016

Back in June The Telegraph speculated that house prices would fall 5pc nationwide and tumble even further in London as worried home owners back out, amid the uncertainty that the vote to the EU has created.

Since then, the market sentiment from both agents and solicitors has proved that this was indeed just a short blip with confidence from buyers now surging.

Tom Sheppard of EIG demonstrates this with the 13% increase in total auction revenues over the last 12 months.

He stated "There is still demand for keenly priced lots among developers and investors alike, interest rates remain at record lows (and could fall further still) and auctions continue to provide vendors with a quick and uncomplicated route to sale".

We have already started to list a number of properties from investor clients who want to expose their properties early to capitalise on the increased activity and anticipate a high level of entries for the forthcoming sale on 13th December 2016.